Payment methods

There are several payment methods that we provide for your purchases. The available payment methods may vary by country, but generally you can use:



We accept a wide variaty of creditcards, e.a. Visa, Mastercard, American Express. In your country may be available other payment methods, such as debit cards and Maestro. Payment by credit card will not be charged any kind of fee.
Il pagamento con carta di credito avviene sull'interfaccia del nostro partner bancario MultiSafePay. In caso di acquisto attraverso la modalità di pagamento Carta di credito, a conclusione dell'ordine verrai indirizzato a una pagina di immissione dei dati direttamente sul sito di MultiSafePay. The communication will take place in encrypted form directly from your browser and https secure site of MultiSafePay.Once the transaction, MultiSafePay will send us the results (positive or negative) and, remember, these are the only data available to us.



By choosing to pay by bank transfer, please transfer money to our account for the total amount of your order within 3 days of receipt of order confirmation. If payment is not made within the terms of the order will be canceled.

Do not forget to indicate the purpose of transfer order number (assigned by the system) and the name of the purchaser. The order will be dispatched only after receipt of payment in our bank. Please also note that the choice of this payment may be delayed by 2-3 days of placing an order due to technical delays in the banking system. The delivery will start after order confirmation. The data for the bank transfer will be provided at time of order.


PayPal is the secure payment, free and easy to use and privacy is guaranteed. In case of purchase through the PayPal payment method at the end of the order the customer is directed to a page for entering data directly on the PayPal site.

No information of your card and / or personal account will pass through our web site. The communication will take place in encrypted form directly from your browser and https secure site of PayPal. Once the transaction, PayPal will send us the results (positive or negative) and, remember, these are the only data available to us.

On PayPal circuit are accepted credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express-AMEX, PostePay.



SOFORT Banking is the easy and safe international direct credit transfert system, certified TÜV.
Without the need of credit cards and needless to top up a virtual bank account, this system solely requires the usual data of your home banking account and offers verified security standards with encrypted data transmission and no save of your secret home banking access data. Thanks to the real time notification of the transaction, it allows the immediate confirmation of the order.
The payment via SOFORT Banking is already available in most of the italian banks (Unicredit, Intesa, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banco popolare, BNL-BNP Parisbas, BancoPosta, Monte dei Paschi di Siena e many others) and in most of the banks of the following Countries: Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Nederlands, France, Spain, UK, Poland and Belgium.
For further details about SOFORT Banking, please visit the official website


iDEAL (only Netherlands)

iDEAL allows you to pay for your online purchases safely, securely and easily. You will pay for your order in a secure online payment environment, with the specific security methods of your own bank. As an internet banker, you can use iDEAL immediately, without needing to register first. iDEAL only works for customers with a bank account based in the Netherlands.


GIROPAY (only Germany)

Giropay is a simple, fast and secure online payment method based upon online banking. When paying with Giropay, you are directed via a secure connection to your online bank account at your financial institution. There you log in with a PIN and confirm the payment with a TAN. Giropay was created by Postbank, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and Volksbanken-Raiffeisenbanken.



With Bankcontact/Mister Cash, paying is easy, safe and reliable; you can count on your usual online payment environment based on special security methods used by your bank. If you have access to online banking, you can use Bankcontact/Mr Cash directly, without having to report it to your bank or install any special software.