Bones Brigade Series 14

Get ready to experience the most extreme adventure with the limited edition Series 14 skateboard decks by Powell Peralta, in collaboration with the legendary Bones Brigade team!

Discover six models of skateboards with unique graphics and designs, inspired by the most influential skateboarders in history. From Rodney Mullen to Mike McGill, from Tommy Guerrero to Lance Mountain, and let's not forget Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. Choose the deck that represents your style and get ready to unleash the chaos!

These decks are authentic works of art, capturing the essence of each legendary skater and making you feel like a true champion. Each deck is a one-of-a-kind piece, accompanied by a postcard with a unique serial code that confirms its authenticity. It will be your personal seal, the mark of someone who knows that skateboarding is a way of life.

But hurry, time is running out! Quantities are extremely limited. Powell Peralta has produced only 2,500 pieces for each model of Steve, Tommy, Mike, Lance, and Rodney, and 5,000 pieces for Tony's deck. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of skateboarding history!

Xtreme Skate Shop is the place for you! Enter our world of adrenaline and grab one of these exclusive limited edition decks right away. Add style and personality to your skateboard and make every skater in the neighborhood envy you!

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