Powell Peralta Flight™ Skateboard Decks

Flight™ is a construction technology for skateboard decks developed by Powell Peralta with the goal of improving the strength and performance of skateboard decks.

Skateboard decks with Flight™ technology are made with a thin, strong structure reinforced with epoxy fibers that provide lasting pop and high resistance to breakage.

Compared to traditional 7-ply maple skateboard decks, Flight™ skateboard decks have greater resistance to breakage and bending, allowing riders to achieve higher ollies, faster flips, easier tricks, and greater performance. Additionally, Flight™ technology ensures a longer lifespan compared to traditional 7-ply decks, making it an excellent value as well.

The Flight™ technology has been tested by Powell Peralta's team of professional riders, who have demonstrated that Flight™ skateboard decks can last several times longer than traditional 7-ply decks.

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