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How to Choose Skateboard Wheels

When you're looking to buy a new set of skateboard wheels, there are several factors to consider. The key aspects to keep in mind are the size and hardness of the wheels. Other factors include the urethane formula, shape, contact patch, and wheel core.

Skateboard Wheel Sizes

Choosing the right wheels for your skateboard is crucial to enhance your riding experience. One of the critical aspects to consider is the wheel size, expressed in terms of diameter. This factor affects both the speed and maneuverability of your skateboard. That's why selecting the right wheel size deserves attention.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is a key measurement to keep in mind. This value, expressed in millimeters (mm), determines how your board will perform on different surfaces. Here's how it works:

  • Small Wheels (50-53 mm): Smaller diameter wheels provide quick acceleration. These are perfect for trick lovers who want exceptional board control. They're ideal for skateparks and situations where maneuverability is a priority. However, keep in mind that small wheels might not maintain top speed over longer distances.
  • Medium Wheels (54-60 mm): These are the most versatile wheels, suitable for both beginners and experienced skaters. They offer a balance between acceleration and top speed. You can gather the momentum needed for ramps and vert, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride on various surfaces.

Your choice between small and medium wheels depends on your riding style and the environment where you'll use your skateboard. Here are some points to consider:

  • Tricks and Maneuverability: If you love performing tricks and precise maneuvers, small wheels provide the control you need. They're perfect for skateparks and plazas.
  • Speed and Versatility: If you want a blend of speed and versatility, medium-sized wheels are the ideal choice. You can push for good speed while maintaining the ability to maneuver in various contexts.

Wheel size is a crucial factor in selecting skateboard wheels. Evaluate your riding style and the terrain you practice on, choosing small wheels for control and medium size for a mix of speed and versatility. Finding the right balance will enhance your enjoyment and effectiveness during skate sessions.

Consider Truck Height Too

Considering truck height when choosing skateboard wheels is essential for a smooth and safe riding experience. The key elements to understand include the following:

Wheelbite and Wheel-to-Truck Match: "Wheelbite" is one of the main downsides that can arise when wheels and trucks are not well-matched in terms of height. Wheelbite occurs when the wheels touch the board during a turn or landing, causing an abrupt and unpleasant stop. This phenomenon can lead to falls and accidents, jeopardizing both the rider's safety and the skateboard's integrity.

Risks of Using Incompatible Wheels: If the wheels are too large compared to the truck's height, there's a higher chance they'll touch the board during maneuvers. On the other hand, if the wheels are too small, you might not fully utilize the skateboard's capabilities and the entire suspension system.

Increasing Truck Height with Riser Pads: It's important to note that truck height can also be adjusted using riser pads. Riser pads are plastic inserts placed between the truck baseplate and the board. This option allows you to adapt truck height to your preferences and needs, enabling the use of medium-sized wheels even with initially low trucks.

Matching Truck Height and Wheel Sizes: Truck height is divided into three categories: low, mid, and high. Each category has a specific height range, which influences suitable wheel sizes:

  • Low Trucks: Height range is generally between 46 and 49 mm. These trucks are designed to be used with smaller wheels, typically up to 53 mm in diameter.
  • Mid Trucks: Height range is usually between 50 and 53 mm. These trucks can accommodate medium-sized wheels, up to about 56 mm in diameter.
  • High Trucks: Height range varies from 53.5 to 58 mm. These trucks allow the use of larger wheels, up to 60 mm in diameter.

Precise Choice for Optimal Experience: Selecting wheels and trucks that are compatible in terms of height is essential to ensure a seamless riding experience, reducing the risk of wheelbite and enhancing your skateboard's maneuverability. When purchasing new wheels, it's important to consider the height of existing or planned trucks to ensure a proper combination and safe riding. Remember that you can also adjust truck height with riser pads to match your preferences and use medium-sized wheels with initially low trucks.

Use the "Wheel diameter" filter to select skateboard wheels with the most suitable diameter for your needs.

Skateboard Wheel Hardness

A key aspect to consider when choosing skateboard wheels is their hardness. This attribute directly affects the wheels' behavior on different surfaces. Skateboard wheels are universally rated using a durometer scale, with Scale A being the prevalent standard, although some companies also employ Scale B. In our online store, all wheels are rated on the Scale A, widely adopted by leading skateboard wheel manufacturers.

Most skateboard wheels have hardness ranging from 75A to 103A. A higher value indicates greater stiffness, while a lower value indicates a softer consistency.

Soft Wheels (Values Below 90A):

  • Provide high grip on surfaces, ideal for rough or uneven terrain.
  • Ensure stable riding on rocky roads or rough asphalt.
  • More challenging to slide or perform slides due to increased grip.
  • Suitable for cruising or setups intended for video recording.

Medium-Hard Wheels (Values Between 90A and 98A):

  • Offer a balance between slide and grip.
  • Suitable for various surfaces, without excelling in grip or slide.
  • Versatile for a range of terrains, without excelling in a specific environment.

Hard Skateboard Wheels (Values Between 99A and 103A):

  • Slide smoothly on smooth surfaces like skateparks and paved plazas.
  • Offer less surface grip, allowing for easy slides.
  • Less suitable for rough or gritty terrains as they can slide and have less control.
  • More prone to developing flat spots.

Use the "Wheel hardness" filter to select skateboard wheels with the hardness most suitable for your needs.

Advanced Considerations for Selecting Skateboard Wheels: Shape, Width, Contact Patch, Urethane Formula and Core

In addition to fundamental parameters like size and hardness, there are other elements that experienced skaters can evaluate in the process of selecting skateboard wheels: their shape, width, contact patch, urethane formula, and wheel core. Understanding how these factors interact with your riding style and the terrain you practice on is crucial to tailor your skateboarding experience.

Skateboard Wheel Shape

The shape of skateboard wheels plays a fundamental role in the overall riding experience and can affect grip and trick performance. Predominant wheel shapes include Classic and Conical, each with specific characteristics that influence wheel behavior on the board.

Classic/Standard Shape: Wheels with a Classic (or Standard) shape taper from the core to the contact surface. This design offers several key features:

  • Agility and Maneuverability: Thanks to the narrower contact surface, these wheels are notably agile and responsive. They're ideal for performing technical tricks and quick movements, providing the control needed for precise maneuvers.

Conical Shape: Wheels with a Conical shape widen from the core to the contact surface. This configuration has the following advantages:

  • Stability and Grip: Thanks to the wider contact surface, conical wheels offer greater stability and grip on the board. This makes them suitable for smoother and safer rides on variable terrains.
  • Grind Support: The conical shape can facilitate grinds, offering more surface contact during these maneuvers.

In addition to Classic and Conical shapes, there are also other special or hybrid shapes, each with unique properties. Every reputable skateboard wheel manufacturer has developed and patented their own designs. Specific information about each shape is detailed in the product descriptions.

It's essential to consider desired grip, stability, and maneuverability when selecting wheel shape. In addition to Classic and Conical options, also evaluate special or hybrid shapes that can offer unique properties. Your choice will depend on your riding style, personal preferences, and the environment where you skate.

Use the "Wheel profile" and "Wheel shape" filters in combination to find skateboard wheels with the shape most suitable for your needs.

Wheel Width and Contact Patch

The construction of a skateboard wheel also determines its width and contact patch. Wider wheels usually have a larger contact patch. In general, the wider the contact patch, the greater the wheel's contact with the ground, resulting in more grip and stability. However, it's also crucial to consider wheel hardness.

If you intend to skate in a skatepark, the wheel's contact patch is not significantly important. In that context, the focus is more on tuning the overall setup. When purchasing skateboard wheels, you don't need to overly focus on width.

For detailed information about wheel width and contact patch, you can refer to product descriptions or technical specifications.

Skateboard Wheel Urethane Formula

The composition of the urethane formula is a determining factor for the durability, slide and grip characteristics of skateboard wheels. Through the use of advanced technologies and specific urethane blends, efforts are made to provide skate wheels with greater resistance and improved sliding properties. The main goal of these innovations is to create skateboard wheels that avoid the occurrence of flat spots, which refers to irregular or concentrated wear in a specific area.

Each reputable skateboard wheel manufacturer has developed and patented its own unique urethane formula. These formulations are carefully designed to ensure durability, optimal sliding and grip on different surfaces. Detailed information regarding each formula is typically available in product descriptions.

Notable brands in this field include Spitfire with their "Formula Four" wheel line, Bones with the "STF" and "X-Formula" wheel series and OJ Wheels with their renowned "Elite Urethane" formula wheels. These industry-leading skateboard wheel manufacturers have invested considerable effort to counteract flat spotting. As a result, their wheels not only offer exceptional resistance to deformation but also outstanding performance in terms of sliding and grip.

Use the "Brand" and "Formula" filters in combination to find skateboard wheels with the urethane formula most suitable for your needs.

Wheel Core: Standard or Core?

In today's skateboard wheel landscape, many wheels are made from a single material, but there are also wheels with an inner plastic core. This variety of wheels is commonly known as core wheels.

Core wheels have the advantage of slightly reducing weight due to the presence of the inner core, which also ensures optimal bearing alignment. This aspect is particularly important for skateboard wheels with greater softness.

White or Colored Wheels?

When it comes to choosing skateboard wheels, one of the factors to consider is color. However, it's important to understand how color can affect long-term durability. Colored wheels, while they can add style and personality to your board, tend to deteriorate more quickly compared to the polyurethane (PU) they're made of. The paint used to achieve vibrant colors can wear off during use, leading to fading or chipping. On the contrary, white wheels, devoid of dyes, maintain their original appearance throughout the lifespan of the PU. This makes them a more cost-effective investment over time, as they will continue to look fresh and unchanged. When choosing wheels, carefully weigh the balance between aesthetics and durability to get the most out of your skate sessions over time.

Buy the Best Skateboard Wheels Online

From size to hardness, shape to urethane formula, we've covered every detail to help you make informed decisions. Choosing the right wheels for your skateboard is essential to optimize your riding experience and ensure maximum fun in every session. By considering your personal preferences, riding style, and practicing environment, you can refine your choice to get the most out of your skate sessions.

Remember that skateboard wheels are a vital part of your board and play a significant role in determining how you move and interact with the board. With a wide range of options available, you can customize your setup to best suit your needs and preferences.

So, whether you're a street skate enthusiast, a skatepark expert, or a vert aficionado, take the time to consider every aspect when choosing your skateboard wheels. The right choice will allow you to express your unique style and get the most out of your skateboarding experience. Prepare your board, put on your helmet, and embark on new four-wheeled adventures!

Explore the wide selection of skateboard wheels in our online store now and find the perfect combination for your setup!



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