Complete Skateboards

Complete Skateboards

If you're looking to dive into the world of skateboarding without the hassle of selecting and assembling individual components, then complete skateboards are the perfect choice for you. With our complete skateboards, you'll receive a high-quality product that's already assembled and ready for action, delivered right to your doorstep.

Our extensive selection includes options suitable for all levels of skaters, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Don't miss the opportunity to start your exciting skateboarding adventure in style and worry-free. Purchase one of our high-quality complete skateboards and discover the limitless fun that only skateboarding can offer!

Complete Skateboards: Perfect for Beginners

If you're a beginner or looking for your first board, pre-assembled complete skateboards are the ideal choice. With them, you can avoid the uncertainty of selecting individual components and the concern about compatibility. These freestyle skateboards are ready to use, allowing you to start your skateboarding adventure without any delay.

The main advantage? You save time and money compared to a custom model. Simply choose the right-sized board and you're ready to go. And as you gain more experience, you can always upgrade your setup with new components, like trucks, wheels, or bearings, without giving up the faithful board with which you learned to master the art of skateboarding.

Our skateboard shop is ready to introduce you to a world of options. In this guide, we'll explain how to choose the complete skateboard that best suits your body type. Don't wait any longer, start your skateboarding adventure today!

Complete Skateboard

Choose the Right Size Skateboard for You

When it comes to choosing your complete skateboard, two main factors need to be considered: the width and length of the board. Skateboard sizes are expressed in inches, as skateboarding originated in America, and inches are the most common unit of measurement in the United States. However, to get an idea of the size of your skateboard in centimeters, remember that one inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters.

It's crucial that the size of your board is suitable for you, as this will ensure you can handle your skateboard effectively, learn quickly, and enjoy it for a long time. Generally, we recommend choosing the size of the board based on your shoe size, but some prefer to base their choice on height. Let's examine both methods to help you make the best choice.

Choose Your Skateboard Based on Shoe Size

The width of the skateboard deck is one of the key aspects to consider. The deck should be comfortable and wide enough to accommodate your feet without any issues. Generally, the width of your complete skateboard's deck should not exceed the length of your feet or shoes.

The general rule to follow is that as your shoe size increases, you should opt for a wider deck. However, these are just guidelines, and it doesn't mean you can't skate with a narrow skateboard if you have large feet. Keep in mind, though, that a deck that's too narrow might make you unstable, while a deck that's too wide could be less responsive and harder to control.

Choose Your Skateboard Based on Shoe Size

To assist you in your choice, refer to the following table which provides recommendations on the width of the skateboard deck that best suits your shoe size.

Size Chart: Skateboard Deck Width Based on Shoe Size

This table will help you find the ideal width based on your shoe size:

EU Shoe SizeRecommended Deck Width
EU 31.5< 7″ - 7.25″
EU 327″ - 7.375″
EU 32.57.25″ - 7.5″
EU 347.375″ - 7.625″
EU 357.375″ - 7.75″
EU 367.5″ - 7.875″
EU 36.57.5″ - 7.875″
EU 37.57.625″ - 8″
EU 387.625″ - 8″
EU 38.57.75″ - 8″
EU 397.75″ - 8.125″
EU 407.875″ - 8.125″
EU 40.57.875″ - 8.25″
EU 418.00″ - 8.25″
EU 428.00″ - 8.25″
EU 42.58.00″ - 8.375″
EU 438.00″ - 8.375″
EU 448.125″ - 8.5″
EU 44.58.125″ - 8.5″
EU 458.25″ - 8.5″
EU 45.58.25″ - 8.625″
EU 468.375″ - 8.625″
EU 47.58.5″ - 8.625″
EU 48.5> 8.5″

You can use the "Deck Width" filter in our shop to discover all the skateboard options with the perfect width for you.

Choose Your Skateboard Based on Your Height

When it comes to selecting your complete skateboard, the length of the deck plays an important role, though it's less decisive compared to the width. The length of the deck is often correlated with its width, so wider skateboard decks tend to be slightly longer.

In general, you should ensure that the deck of your complete skateboard is not much longer than your legs. This choice will guarantee you more control, especially if you are still a beginner in skateboarding.

To assist you in your choice, the following table provides some suggestions regarding the lengths of skateboard decks that might be suitable for your height.

Size Chart: Skateboard Deck Length Based on Height

This table will help you find the ideal deck length based on your height:

Rider HeightDeck Length
< 140 cm28″ - 30.5″
< 150 cm30.5″ - 31.5″
150 - 175 cm31.5″ - 31.875″
160 - 185 cm31.75″ - 32.00″
170 - 195 cm31.875″ - 32.25″
180 - 210 cm32″ - 32.5″
> 190 cm> 32.5″

You can use the "Deck Length" filter in our shop to view all the skateboard options with the ideal length for you.

Choose Your Skateboard Based on Your Height

Weight and Riding Style

Besides the width and length of the deck, your body weight and riding style are two secondary factors to consider when choosing the size of your complete skateboard.

If your body weight is above average, you might benefit from a slightly wider deck, about 0.25" (approximately 6mm) more. However, it's important to note that if your weight is around 100kg, you should avoid decks narrower than 8.50", regardless of the recommendations based on shoe size or height. This choice ensures greater stability and control.

Remember, a wider deck is not only advantageous for heavier riders; those extra 6mm are also a great help for those who skateboard on vertical ramps and bowls. These wider decks, like those at 8.50" and 9.00", are favored by those who enjoy more challenging terrains, making landings a breeze thanks to their superior stability.

Freestyle Skateboard

Cost of Complete Skateboards

You might be wondering how much a complete skateboard costs, right? Well, pre-assembled skateboards are an economical choice compared to purchasing a customized skateboard.

Complete Skateboards

The price of complete skateboards ranges from about 50 euros for basic options to over 100 euros for more professional models. It's worth noting that once, assembled skateboards had lower or medium quality components, but today the situation is entirely different. The leading skateboard manufacturers offer complete skateboards with high-quality components and decks with extraordinary graphics, on par with those sold separately.

So, if you're looking for an affordable way to start your skateboarding adventure without compromising on quality, complete skateboards are the perfect choice!

Pre-Assembled Skateboard vs. Custom Professional Skateboard

When it comes to choosing your skateboard, the crucial question is: Pre-assembled or Custom? Many people wonder if pre-assembled skateboards can be considered professional skateboards. The answer is no, at least not in the sense of a skateboard designed for skaters with a high level of skill and experience. Most pre-assembled skateboards are intended for beginners, although there are some exceptions (see, for example, the Globe G3 series skateboards).

This is because every skater, over time and with accumulating experience, develops personal needs regarding the choice of the deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Moreover, the choice of individual components can vary based on how and where the skateboard will be used most. This is why professional skaters almost always prefer to assemble their skateboard, selecting individual components that meet their specific needs. But let's make an important clarification: if you're a beginner, choosing a pre-assembled skateboard is always the best option.

However, if you intend to create your custom skateboard, check out our Skateboard Components section. Here you'll find a wide selection of wheels, you can choose the set of trucks that best suit your needs, select bearings from various models available, opt for a grip tape with custom graphics instead of the classic black, and find mounting kits to have screws and nuts of the perfect size to assemble all the components of the skateboard.

Pre-Assembled Skateboard

However, keep in mind that a custom skateboard will have a higher cost and is recommended only for experienced skaters who can make the most of their skills in building a tailor-made skateboard.

Not All Skateboards Are Equal

When it comes to complete skateboards, we enter a diverse and exciting world. These skateboards are the pulsating heart of skateboarding culture, ready to take you on new adventures and challenges. But we know well that not all skateboards are the same, and that's why we divide them into four unique categories: freestyle skateboards, cruiser skateboards, longboards, and surfskates.

If you're fascinated by tricks and can't wait to defy gravity, the freestyle skateboard is for you. Designed for high-intensity performance, these complete skateboards are your faithful companions for epic stunts. Whether you want to dominate the streets, the skatepark, or the pool, these skateboards are ready to turn your ideas into pure reality.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for an alternative mode of transportation or want to enjoy a relaxing cruise, we recommend checking out our selection of cruisers or longboards. Ideal for urban commuting and relaxing on the roads, these complete skateboards offer a direct connection to the asphalt beneath you.

And for surf lovers, there's the surfskate - a special skateboard with a truck that emulates surfing waves on the road. Perfect for enthusiasts looking to improve their surfing skills or just have fun in the city, the surfskate offers a unique experience on four wheels.


Safety First: Skateboarding Protective Gear

No matter what type of skateboard you choose, safety should always be your top priority. Whether you're buying your first skateboard for yourself or for your child, don't forget the protective gear.

Initially, it's crucial that your skateboarding gear includes a helmet and a complete set of protections for knees, elbows, and wrists. This equipment is particularly vital when you start skateboarding on ramps or in skateparks.

In our skate shop, we offer a wide selection of helmets and protection sets. Whether you're an adult or a child, you'll find everything you need to stay safe while enjoying skateboarding. Remember, your safety is the key to a fun and worry-free skateboarding experience.

Skateboarding Protective Gear

Essential Tools for Your Skateboard

Even if your complete skateboard is ready to use, it's important to know that you can always replace individual parts or make adjustments according to your preferences. To do this, you'll need the right skateboard tools.

Skate tools are essential for loosening or tightening the screws and nuts of the deck, allowing you to replace or adjust the various components of your skateboard. With these tools, you're ready to customize your skateboard to suit your needs. For example, you can adjust the steering hardness to gain maximum control during your skate sessions.

Make sure to always have the necessary tools on hand for maintenance and customization, so you can make the most of your skateboard and adapt it to your riding style.

Customer Support for Choosing Your Complete Skateboard: We're Here for You!

If you have any further questions or need assistance in choosing your ideal complete skateboard or any other information, don't hesitate to contact our customer support service. We're here to help you make the best choice and ensure that your skateboarding experience is exciting and safe. We look forward to hearing from you and providing further personalized advice. Happy skateboarding!



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