VX Deck: Santa Cruz and Creature skateboard decks

Explore the innovative VX technology: Super durable and responsive skateboard decks!

Welcome to the world of VX skateboard decks, the true revolution in the skateboarding world!

The VX Decks get their name from the powerful "VX TECHNOLOGY" developed by NHS to produce some of the most iconic decks from Santa Cruz and Creature. But what makes VX decks so special?

The answer is simple: the Quad X Fiberglass. This unique fiberglass is used in two out of the seven layers of the deck, providing exceptional strength and reduced weight. Feel the difference under your feet as you cruise the streets and parks with a deck that responds precisely and dynamically to your every move!

The VX Decks have been tested and approved not only by the team riders of Santa Cruz and Creature, but also by renowned skateboarding institutions like CCS and The Berrics. The quality and performance of VX decks are extraordinary!

Get ready to tackle any challenge with a skateboard deck that allows you to push your skills to the limit. Feel unstoppable with VX technology!

Discover our collection of VX decks and experience the most advanced skateboarding you've ever tried. Choose your favorite VX deck and get ready to reach new levels of style and performance!

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