Bones Wheels

Bones Wheels: Superior Quality Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to superior quality, performance, and durability, nothing beats Bones Wheels! Simply put, Bones Wheels are the gold standard in the skateboard wheel industry. They are a high-quality alternative for skaters who want the best in terms of construction, speed, and precision.

Bones skateboard wheels are made with different urethane formulas. Wheel sets like the STF (Street Tech Formula) and the SPF (Skate Park Formula) are uniquely shaped to be effective on various surfaces. Their unique core design and anti-flat spot engineering make Bones Wheels an incredibly durable choice.

Challenge yourself with new tricks using Bones Wheels skateboard wax. Applied to rails or curbs, this wax will give you total control as you slide on different surfaces.

Enhance the way your skateboard moves with Bones Hard Core skateboard bushings. Also made of urethane, these bushings strengthen and support your skateboard trucks for greater control and smoother turns.

To give your skateboard an extra boost, use Bones riser pads. Sold in sets of two, they minimize vibrations and help prevent your skateboard from breaking.

Skate in style with Bones Wheels apparel. Available in black and white with their logo featured, Bones Wheels t-shirts are sure to please! If you enjoy wearing hats, then you'll love Bones Wheels hats and beanies. Bones Wheels beanies are tightly knitted to keep your head warm.

Bones wheels are made by the same great experts who brought you Bones Bearings. With Bones Wheels, you'll skate safer and faster than ever before!

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