OJ Wheels: Speed, Durability, and Unique Style

Discover the range of skateboard wheels from OJ Wheels, known for their speed, durability, and, in case you forgot, being fast! These wheels are among the most popular ones out there. With decades of experience in skateboard wheel manufacturing, OJ Wheels offers urethane for every occasion: whether you're skating at the park or taking on an exhilarating downhill ride, OJ Wheels has got you covered.

OJ Wheels produces high-quality skateboard wheels with a long-standing tradition. The brand has been around since the 1970s and has gained fame for its orange urethane and skaters like Christian Hosoi. As part of NHS Distribution, OJ Wheels represents experience, tradition, and innovation all at once.

Over the years, OJ Wheels has seen numerous famous names skate on their quality urethane. Legends like Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson, and Eric Dressen are known by nearly every skater.

But OJ also includes current scene favorites and young talents among their riders. The current lineup features Nick Boserio, Shin Sangbongi, Milton Martinez, Nora Vasconcellos, Erick Winkowski, Giovanni Vianna, Jake Johnson, Sammy Baca, and John Gardener.

When you have a brand history spanning approximately 50 years, you can offer an exceptional range of products, and OJ has exactly what you're looking for. Here, you can find the perfect wheels for every purpose.

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