American Socks

American Socks: Express a Unique Style with Bold and Original Socks

American Socks offers socks that allow you to express a unique style through your feet. Founded in 2013, the brand began by reissuing and improving the classic striped socks worn by early skaters in the '80s.

The journey of American Socks materialized through participation in music and sports festivals across Europe, building a community of #Sockers. Drawing inspiration from rock music, tattoo culture, and extreme sports, American Socks has developed new generations of original products. The company stands out for its bold spirit and unique design.

American Socks finds inspiration in music and sports. Artists and athletes are the driving force behind this adventure. The company supports all courageous dreamers who strive every day to achieve their goals, sharing the same values.

Designed in Barcelona and Locally Produced for Action.

American Socks is committed to reinventing the industry, pushing boundaries, and creating durable, high-quality socks and apparel. The company believes in the importance of local production to oversee every aspect of the process. Guided by self-expression and creativity, the American Socks team draws inspiration from '90s culture and punk-rock and metal music to create impactful clothing.

American Socks collaborates with local and international artists to create bold socks and apparel, paying attention to every unique detail. The company embodies a rebellious spirit and inspires creativity in those seeking original and unconventional designs.

Technical Construction: Shaped for Action

American Socks products are designed for an active lifestyle, ensuring comfort and safety during skate sessions, workouts, or hikes. These socks are made to outlast any other pair.

Sustainability: Together for a Better Future

American Socks is committed to producing quality clothing while respecting the environment and society at every stage of production. All products are VEGAN, made with certified eco-friendly cotton and dyes.

Express your unique style with the bold and original socks from American Socks. Produced locally in a sustainable manner, our socks will set you apart from the crowd. Discover the collection at Xtreme Skate Shop and let your feet be the true stars of your look!

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