Blind Skateboards: The Revolution of Street Skateboarding

Immerse yourself in the rebellious and exhilarating scene of Blind Skateboards!

In the late '90s, the skateboarding market was dominated by impersonal big brands, far removed from the authentic philosophy of street skateboarding. In that context, Mark Gonzales, one of the innovators of modern street skateboarding and an internationally renowned skater, was part of the Vision Skateboards team, one of the industry giants. Convinced by Steve Rocco, a pro freestyler with a desire to become an entrepreneur, Mark left Vision and joined forces with Steve to create his new brand. As an act of challenge and dissent against Vision, the brand was named Blind. It marked the beginning of a revolution that would forever change the history of skateboarding. Today, almost 30 years later, Blind Skateboards is a vibrant and thriving reality, produced and distributed by a skater-operated company (Dwindle), boasting one of the strongest teams in circulation, with skaters such as TJ Rogers, Cody McEntire, Sewa Kroetkov, Kevin Romar, and Yuto Horigome.

Initially renowned for their decks and jeans, Blind has evolved to include other accessories and equipment for skateboarding. If you don't like to waste time assembling your skateboard, you'll love Blind's pre-assembled completes! Ready for action, their skateboards include a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape. Choose from a variety of colorful and graphic designs featuring the brand and the iconic Grim Reaper logo. Express your style with Blind skateboard decks. Crafted using the Resin-7 technology in maple and epoxy resin, their boards go one step beyond traditional 7-ply decks. Infuse personality into your skateboard with designs depicting food, warning signs, and mythical creatures. You won't be able to resist noticing these fun skateboard decks!

Join the revolution of street skateboarding with Blind Skateboards at Xtreme Skate Shop. Choose your favorite skateboard and experience the adrenaline!

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