Element Skateboards: Explore the Passion for Skateboarding

Welcome to the world of Element Skateboards, a successful brand based in Irvine, California. Originally founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 as Underworld Element, Element has become an icon in the skateboarding industry.

Element Skateboards are constructed with high-quality 7-ply maple wood decks, ensuring maximum durability while remaining lightweight and flexible. With a variety of colors and graphics featuring the brand symbol and name, you'll definitely find the deck that represents your unique style.

If you want to start skateboarding right away, Element complete skateboards are all you need. They come pre-assembled and ready to ride. Just like the decks, Element completes feature graphic details with the brand's logo and other images.

Whether you're cruising down long hills or exploring city streets, having the right skateboard trucks is crucial. Element skateboard trucks will provide you with a smooth and solid ride that won't disappoint. Check out the Element skateboard trucks.

For even faster speeds, get yourself a set of Element skateboard bearings. Crafted from high-quality materials, Element bearings will truly enhance your skateboarding experience. Made of durable steel, Element bearings allow you to accelerate faster and ride farther than ever before!

Complete your setup with a set of Element skateboard wheels. Made of durable urethane rubber, Element wheels are colorful and feature unique designs and graphics.

Show your passion for Element by wearing their range of apparel! Element t-shirts are loose-fitting and perfect for skateboarding. Complete your look with Element socks and caps. Available in traditional and beanie styles, Element hats proudly display the brand's name and logo.

If you enjoy skateboarding while running errands, all you need is an Element backpack. Lightweight with organizational pockets, it comes in traditional and skateboard-strap styles.

Explore the passion for skateboarding with Element Skateboards at Xtreme Skate Shop. Step into the Element world and find everything you need to express your unique style!

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