Globe Skateboards: Quality, Style, and Adventure on Your Board

Discover the world of Globe Skateboards, the brand that exudes energy, adrenaline, and style. For over 30 years, this Australian company has been committed to bringing high-quality products to the skateboarding world, capturing the true essence of adventure on four wheels.

In the early '80s, skateboarding in Australia was a niche phenomenon. The availability and quality of local products were disappointing. In 1984, the Hill brothers founded Hardcore Enterprises, their distribution company, to import top-quality products from the United States. In addition to boards, wheels, and trucks, they began importing apparel and accessories from 1987 onwards.

After 10 years of dedicated distribution work, Peter and Stephen, along with their brother and future CEO Matt Hill, founded their own brand, Globe, in 1994. Shortly after, the first Globe skate shoes with the famous logo hit the production line.

In 2021, the brand began to realign and rediscover its roots in skateboarding. With Austyn Gillette at the helm, Globe embarked on a new path. The current skate team consists of Sammy Montano, Aaron Kim, Christian Maloof, and skate legends Rodney Mullen and Mark Appleyard. Today, this Australian brand is a constant presence in the world of skateboarding.

Globe has been producing high-quality complete boards and cruisers for years. Especially for beginners, Globe's affordable pre-assembled skateboards are perfect. Globe cruisers are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more relaxed experience on the streets or at the skatepark. Eye-catching graphics and designs make Globe cruisers and longboards true attention-grabbers.

Explore the collection of Globe Skateboards at Xtreme Skate Shop and embrace the adventure on your board with style and safety!

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