Rekd Protection

REKD Performance Protection: High-Performance Gear for Your Style

REKD Performance Protection brings the ultimate safety and performance to the world of extreme sports with its wide range of skate pads, helmets, and gloves. This UK-based brand is constantly striving to expand its product lineup, covering as many disciplines as possible. REKD knee pads, elbow pads, and other protective gear are perfect for all extreme sports enthusiasts.

All REKD protection gear is certified and rigorously tested to ensure maximum safety, support, and comfort. The REKD helmets are especially renowned for their comfort and lightweight construction, thanks to the advanced materials used and low-profile design.

With their high-quality and functional gear, REKD Performance Protection not only guarantees safety but also helps enhance the performance of extreme sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Explore the range of high-performance gear from REKD Performance Protection available at Xtreme Skate Shop and experience the feeling of wearing protective gear that perfectly matches your unique style.

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