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Santa Cruz Skateboards: An iconic skate brand with high-quality products and unique graphics

Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of the longest-running skate brands and has created one of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history with the "Screaming Hands" logo. Whether you're looking for a skateboard deck, t-shirt, hoodie, or complete skateboard, Santa Cruz has got you covered.

This California brand has been producing skateboard decks since the early 70s and shows no signs of stopping. The brand with the iconic "Screaming Hand" logo boasts a wealth of experience, which is excellently represented in Santa Cruz Skateboards' products.

In addition to skate legends like Steve Alba, Eric Dressen, and Tom Knox, the Santa Cruz Skateboards team consists of a healthy mix of young talents who fearlessly take on street, bowl, and vert. The current team includes Erik Winkowski, Jake Wooten, Kevin Braun, Blake Johnson, Fabiana Delfino, Justin Sommer, Yndiara Asp, and many more.

If you're searching for top-notch skateboard decks in various shapes, complete boards for beginners, high-quality apparel, and trendy accessories, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at the Santa Cruz online shop at Xtreme Skate Shop.

Santa Cruz decks have a high recognition value thanks to their eye-catching graphics. In the 70s, freelance artist Jim Phillips was brought on board and created the iconic "Screaming Hands" logo and numerous other designs for the brand. In addition to the "Screaming Hands" design, the classic "Red Dot" logo is one of the most famous skateboard graphics ever. Santa Cruz decks range from standard popsicle shapes to cruisers inspired by old-school templates. Santa Cruz Skateboards offers a wide selection for beginners as well, from smaller-sized complete boards to old-school-style completes – there's something for everyone from Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is not a skate brand that emerged yesterday, and this is evident in the different deck constructions. In addition to the standard 7-ply decks, the range also includes more innovative Santa Cruz skate decks. Decks with "Powerply" technology, for example, feature a plastic insert in the nose and tail to prevent chipping and provide longer-lasting pop. The Santa Cruz VX technology also offers longer-lasting pop and is reinforced with carbon fiber layers. The Santa Cruz hardgoods range is complemented by a wide selection of Santa Cruz's distinctive Slime Balls wheels and Slimeline deck rails.

The apparel of Santa Cruz Skateboards seamlessly ties into the iconic deck graphics. At the Santa Cruz online shop at Xtreme Skate Shop, you'll find a wide range of t-shirts, longsleeves, and hoodies with various variations of the "Screaming Hand" logo and much more. In addition to classic clothing items like jackets, boardshorts, and tank tops, you'll also find a wide selection of Santa Cruz accessories. Here, Santa Cruz offers caps, socks, belts, wallets, beach towels, and some fun gadgets like keychains.

Experience the unique products of Santa Cruz Skateboards, where the iconic decks blend with high-quality apparel. Shop now at Xtreme Skate Shop and discover your style on the board!

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