Slide by Sancheski: Unleash the Spirit of Surfing on the Streets

For over 80 years, Sancheski, based in Irún, Spain, has been producing high-quality sporting goods. Starting with textiles and leather products, the company evolved into the outdoor sports industry, manufacturing skis and mountain equipment, and eventually adapting its facilities and machinery to produce solid wood deck skateboards in 1966. Those pioneering years witnessed the application of cutting-edge ski manufacturing techniques to skateboard decks, establishing Sancheski as one of the most innovative brands in the skateboard industry.

Built on decades of experience and technological expertise, Sancheski proudly presents Slide by Sancheski, a collection of surf skateboards that bring the free spirit of surfing to the streets. Components are manufactured in collaboration with Slide's Taiwanese partners and developed and tested at the Sancheski factory in Spain, in partnership with Hot Buttered Surfboards from Australia. Slide surf skateboards will bring you as close as possible to the experience of surfing on concrete. Practice turns, skate maneuvers, and surf-inspired moves on the flats or in a bowl.

The Slide Surf Skate 3.0 truck is fully adjustable with a standard hardware key, allowing you to set the right stiffness depending on your usage, whether it's city cruising, skate park riding, or surf training. Additionally, the front truck has been significantly improved with an internal spring system that makes it indestructible and ideal for surf training. You'll experience the same sensations as riding waves, making Slide the perfect tool to practice and enhance your surfing skills.

Slide surf skateboards offer excellent quality at the right price, approximately half the cost of other well-known brands. With their slightly wider carve step, Slide surf skates provide stability and efficiency during pumping, making them an excellent choice for surfers looking to train on asphalt.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the thrill of surfing on the streets with Slide by Sancheski. Purchase your Slide surf skateboard today and start improving your surfing skills. Join the community of passionate Slide skaters. Dive into the Slide world at Xtreme Skate Shop and turn your passion for surfing into a reality on the asphalt!

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