Superior Skateboards: The Superior Choice for Your Skateboarding

Welcome to the world of Superior Skateboards, the brand that amps up your skateboarding experience! Founded in the '90s, Superior fearlessly claims to create products superior to other brands.

High-Quality Superior Maple Skateboard Decks

Superior Skateboards decks are constructed with 7 layers of high-quality maple wood. Pressed with "Stiff Glue Xtra," the best water-based glue in the skateboarding industry. This special glue ensures greater board stiffness and a stronger grip. Every Superior deck is identical, thanks to our single deck mold pressing process. Choose the perfect deck to showcase your personality!

Superior Hardware Kits for Customizing Your Board

If you're customizing your board piece by piece, having the right tools is essential. Build your board with Superior skateboard hardware sets! Our durable Phillips head bolts and lock nuts are all you need for proper assembly. Choose Superior for a safe and reliable mounting experience.

Superior Grip Tape for Optimal Control

Looking to improve your grip during your riding sessions? Check out our selection of Superior Skateboards grip tape. Our ultra-sticky adhesive tape is easy to apply to your board and has a thin, gritty texture that prevents slips during high-speed rides or tight turns. Feel the difference and tackle every challenge with maximum control, thanks to Superior grip tape.

Get Ready to Reach New Heights with Superior

When it comes to skateboarding, Superior has everything you need for successful riding sessions. Show your brand loyalty and choose Superior — you won't be disappointed! Get ready to push your performance to new levels and reach new heights with Superior Skateboards.

Start exploring our wide range of Superior Skateboards products on Xtreme Skate Shop and experience the true spirit of skateboarding!

Don't miss out — get your hands on Superior Skateboards products now. Your next level of skateboarding awaits!

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