Thunder Trucks: Unleash the Power of Your Skateboarding with the Best Trucks on the Market

Thunder Trucks is a US-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality skateboard trucks. The brand is renowned worldwide for its lightweight and durable products. Thunder trucks offer a high level of control, feature sleek designs, and are crafted with premium materials.

Founded in 1986 by Fausto Vitello and Brian Ware as part of Deluxe Distribution, Thunder Trucks was created with the vision of producing the best-performing skateboard trucks in the world. Since the launch of the first Thunder products, an ever-increasing number of professional skaters have joined the company as riders, incorporating Thunder trucks into their skateboards.

If you're looking to inject an explosion of adrenaline into your skateboarding with a brand-new setup, Thunder trucks will effortlessly empower you to conquer every trick on your deck.

Discover the power of Thunder trucks at Xtreme Skate Shop and elevate your skateboarding experience to the highest level!

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