Zero Skateboards: Skateboarding Without Compromises!

Discover the world of Zero Skateboards at Xtreme Skate Shop. Since its founding in 1996, Zero Skateboards has been synonymous with the hardest tricks and the most intense and unique skateboarding experience. What started as a side project of Jamie Thomas, known as "The Chief," quickly grew into one of the most popular skateboard brands of all time. Zero Skateboards combines the ethos of Punkrock, Rock 'n' Roll, and Skateboarding like no other.

Over Two Decades of Zero Skateboards

As he escaped the plains of Alabama, the young Jamie Thomas headed to sunny California to become a skateboarder for Ed Templeton's Toy Machine brand. Soon, he earned his reputation with the production of the video "Welcome To Hell." But in Jamie's eyes, the brands of that time were a bit too soft. He wanted a powerful and raw brand, just like his way of skateboarding. And so, Zero was born. At the beginning, there were only t-shirts and sweatshirts that expressed his outsider mentality. Later, the legendary skateboards followed, with Thomas as Zero's first pro.

In 1997, Zero set a milestone in street skateboarding with the video "Thrill Of It All." At that time, massive handrails and giant stair sets seemed almost invincible, but Zero proved otherwise. Two years later, "Misled Youth" exploded like a bomb, and since then, Zero Skateboards has been an integral part of the skate scene.

With seven more videos and three consecutive wins at the "Thrasher Magazine - King of the Road," everyone should know that Zero is one of those brands that represents skateboarding in its original form: authentic, straightforward, and without frills.

For years, Zero skateboards have impressed with their design and the high quality of their decks. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, Misfits, and Black Flag, as well as strong symbols, Zero follows a clear path that speaks to the rebel within you. Graphics like the American Zero Deck or the simple Single Skull are timeless classics that never get old and have even been featured in major Hollywood productions. If you love the dark atmosphere and are tired of all the trendy designs from other brands, Zero might be just what you need. Skateboarding without compromises and graphics that could be a metal album cover. True to the motto: Dying To Live!

The Zero Skateboards Team

With over 20 years in the industry, Zero Skateboards has had a slew of team riders. Whether past or present, anyone who has been on the Zero team can consider themselves one of the toughest skaters ever. If you have any doubts, just watch the styles of Jamie Thomas, Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, James Brockman, or Windsor James. These guys tear up every spot as if there's no tomorrow. Even amateurs like Chris Wimer or newcomer Franky Villani are true savages on a skateboard and prefer Zero decks. That should be reason enough to give one of their skateboards a try.

Come and discover the power, authenticity, and rebellious spirit of Zero Skateboards at Xtreme Skate Shop. Challenge the limits and experience true skateboarding with Zero. Enter the dark and captivating world of Zero Skateboards now!

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