Bones Wheels X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven 55mm 97A Skateboard Wheels pack of 4

X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven 55mm 97A Skateboard Wheels pack of 4

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Bones Wheels - Skateboard Wheels, model X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven 55mm 97A, colour White (pack of 4)

Bones X-Formula V5 Sidecut Natural (X-Ninety-Seven) 55mm 97A Skateboard wheels

Get ready to experience the ultimate skateboarding thrill with Bones X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven skateboard wheels. This innovative formula allows you to conquer any terrain with the smoothness of softer wheels, combined with the ability to slide like harder wheels.

X-Formula wheels are extremely fast due to their super high rebound. They roll much smoother and faster on all terrains by absorbing vibrations and softening impacts better than any other wheels on the market.

Their sliding capability comes from a unique blend of high-performance materials. X-Formula wheels slide when you want them to and grip when you need it most. They are specially formulated to adapt to any terrain, developed and fine-tuned over a ten-year period for optimal performance. X-Formula is a truly unique product.

X-Formula wheels are smooth, fast, and durable. They are made using the highest quality, longest-lasting materials. X-Formula wheels offer excellent value and, by softening landings and absorbing vibrations, they are also better for your body, adding longevity to your daily skate sessions. These wheels will change your life!

V5 Sidecut Profile

The V5 Sidecut profile of these Bones skateboard wheels is synonymous with versatility and optimal performance. This profile is designed to meet the demands of various skate styles, including ledges, rails, and bowls.

With a 0.500" lip radius, the V5 Sidecut profile offers the perfect balance of stability and agility. This feature allows for smooth and controlled turns, providing an unparalleled skateboarding experience.

The center-set and reversible bearing placement allows for even weight distribution on the wheel, resulting in immediate response and improved maneuverability. This makes the wheels suitable for a wide range of skate styles.

V5 Sidecut wheels are known for their lightweight construction, contributing to increased speed and longer grinds. Additionally, thanks to reduced side drag, the wheels maintain speed during slides and offer an effortless gliding sensation.

High resistance to flat spots is another distinctive feature of the V5 Sidecut profile. These wheels retain their shape even after intense use, ensuring extended durability over time.

Lastly, the V5 Sidecut profile provides additional graphic protection, ensuring that the wheel design and graphics remain intact even after intense and frequent skate sessions.


Add an explosion of power to your skate sessions with Bones X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven skateboard wheels. Experience extreme speed, smooth sliding, and lasting durability that only these wheels can offer. Whether you're tackling ledges, rails, or bowls, these versatile wheels will provide faster and longer grinds while minimizing side drag and offering unique graphic protection.

Get your Bones X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven skateboard wheels now at Xtreme Skate Shop and take your skateboarding experience to the next level. Join the community of Bones Wheels fans and get ready to conquer the streets with style and power!


- Formula: X-Formula;
- Shape: V5 Sidecut;
- Diameter: 55mm;
- Hardness: 97A;
- Width: 32mm;
- Contact patch: 16.25mm;
- Superficie delle ruote: Smooth;
- Material: PU casted, SHR;
- Bearings and spacers: not included;
- Wheels per pack: 4;
- Colour: Natural;

Manufacturer Part Number: WSCAXNSV55597A4

Colour map
Model name
X-Formula V5 Sidecut X-Ninety-Seven 55mm 97A
Wheels diameter
Wheels hardness
Wheels profile
V5 Sidecut
Wheels width
Wheel contact patch
16,25 mm
Wheels surface type
Product Type
Shipping label
Small package
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