Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta: The Power of Skateboarding with Style and Passion

Discover the world of Powell Peralta, the skateboard brand that exudes energy and creativity. Founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta back in 1978, Powell Peralta is a legendary company that also owns the renowned brands Bones Bearing and Bones Wheels. Their mission is to build the best skateboard products possible, always keeping the fun at the heart of the experience. The names of the founders, George Powell and Stacy Peralta, have become legendary in the skateboarding universe, and the brand is renowned for its iconic graphics featuring skulls and skeletons.

Let's delve into the story of Powell Peralta: George Powell, the father of the skateboard industry, found himself building skateboards again after losing his job in the aerospace sector. He had some experience back in 1957 but refined his techniques when his son wasn't satisfied with the initial models. In 1974, Powell also started working on urethane wheels, which he produced himself.

Later, he met Stacy Peralta, who was enthusiastic about one of his flexible slalom prototypes. In 1978, they decided to co-found Powell-Peralta Skateboards. Although Peralta left the brand between 1991 and 2010, Powell carried on the legacy. Today, the two founders are reunited to keep their dream alive. Simply fantastic!

The Powell-Peralta team boasts prominent names such as Ray Barbee, the inventor of the ollie, Alan Gelfand, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Guy Mariano, Andy McDonald, Colin McKay, Mike Vallely, and Danny Way, just to name a few.

The Powell-Peralta team continues to amaze, providing a platform for young skaters just like they did back in the day. Alongside legends such as Steve Caballero and Mike McGill, there are new talents like Scott Decenzo, Kevin Hoeffler, and Andy Anderson. Always with the belief that life and history must walk hand in hand.

Powell Peralta skateboard decks are made of sturdy 7-ply maple and pressed with AirLam™ technology for exceptional durability. They feature unique graphics with skeletons, dragons, and skulls.

Keep your board performing at its best with Powell Peralta skateboard wheels. Made with the finest urethane formula, they are designed to withstand the most intense riding sessions. Available in various colors and sizes to choose from.

Show off your skateboarding passion with Powell Peralta skateboard t-shirts. Their skull graphics are sure to catch attention! For cooler days, go for Powell Peralta sweatshirts. Their drawstring hoodies are incredibly soft and comfortable!

Complete your look with Powell Peralta skateboard hats. With a mesh backing, they'll keep your head cool during hot days. When it comes to skateboard gear, this brand has everything you need!

Powell Peralta has been in the skateboarding world for over thirty-five years and continues to grow. What will they come up with next?

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